Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dream World

I have spent my life falling in and out of sleep; in and out of this real world and my dream world. Sometimes my dreams seem so realistic that i question what realm i'm in.
    For some reason all of my dreams seem to be set in the same few places: a strange underground world that is accessed to through a locker/elevator, a small run-down house, in a car usually with someone i know in person, or in a forest, all at night time. 
  The worst part about having an over-active imagination, is sleep. My mind runs rampant in the night, and can run into some of my darkest memories and wildest fears. This is where i lose control, and nightmares happen. They are still set in the same places, but more darkly-lit and erie looking. Just the mood of the places in my nightmares is stressfull and scary. Sometimes my nightmares have been so bad that i cant sleep, and cry. 
   Lately i have been trying to master the art if lucid dreaming, in order to gain control of my sleep and mood again. I have been having less nightmares lately and getting better and more rejuvenating sleep. I hope to one day go deeper into my dream world and see what my mind really has to offer creatively.

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