Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fortune Cookie Inspired Collage

Materials used: Sharpie, pen, acrylic paint, watercolor, colored tissue paper

   We were given 10 fortune cookies, and had to use our fortunes to create a collage! Most of my fortunes had to do with staying calm, being patient, and being comfortable. Also, one of the "Speak Chinese" words was "house", and that's what gave me the house idea.
   A home should be a comfortable, safe place. With this piece I wanted to express how much I love my own home, it's my only true sanctuary from the world. The second I get home after a long day and put my bag down, I feel a calm settle over me. In my house, I can truly focus on the positive: my patience, my genuine happiness, my comfort. I hope that everyone has a true home that they can depend on for comfort and safety, regardless if it's an actual house or not!

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